For those who aspire to achieve sustainable financial independence. Challenging conventional wisdom.


Future risk, uncertainty and volatility are essential factors in assessing one's financial security. Monte Carlo simulations, reasoning, game theory and rudimentary artificial intelligence are some of the techniques applied.


Several editors are used to approach and plan for your own financial independence. Run a scenario. Have rendered a PDF report to help you evaluate up to a 30-year horizon. Both a short- and long-form PDF report provides useful information.


See what effects various choices have on your financial horizon. A holistic approach addresses many different retirement and non-retirement investments domain: health care; debt, whether in the form of home mortgages or general debt; income/expenses; social security & pensions; real estate, taxes; insurance. Together these domains present an alternate, more integrated view of your financial situation now and well into the future -- better than conventional financial calculators focused strictly on investments.


The comprehensive PDF created from your profile presents the changing landscape of your financial projection through the lifestyles you've defined.

Best Uses


A projection helps you determine whether you are on the right financial and longevity path consistent with your defined lifestyle. Not strictly a retirement tool for baby boomers, it can help you determine whether the pathway you are leading will result in success or failure in terms of the life style you hope to achieve.


Once you complete a health & well-being survey, your longevity will be modeled to help you reduce the chances of over- or under-aggressively saving, investing, or working.


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